Cliking know the dynamics of network. They speak the same language. So Cliking knows exactly
what innserts printed in papers require. This does not always coicide with what the on-line network require. So for this reason, the message you wish to share must be put in good hands to ensure good taste, style and rhythm. Cliking is able to offer a wide range of templates for still, rolling, video and flipbook images, easy to personalize depending on needs,non to mention a wide range of online ready to sell adverts with same possibilities. The on demand service is also available for the website section to create original resources to answer in full all customer needs. For every bought or developed editorial product, it is also possible to create an online section ready to sell and alive on your website, using the same editorial hardcopy contents, rolling, still or video. In the same way its possible start with an hardcopy editorial product from a website. Cliking is also to provide multi-platform ad packages to coordinate cross-media advertsing.