About Us

We advertise, you rule
Cliking is an English company with a deep and rooted know-how of international publishing dynamics, acquired through years of proven experience in this field. A young group of experts in advertising and creative editorial resources has developed a way to help media companies to streamline cost and time, dealing with everyday desktop publishing of adverts, with the best resources available for ready-to-use, printed templates, speculative adverts, adverts design, editorial services, copyright, free editorial features, banners, web sites, marketing sales material and tips. Cliking aim at a potentially high, unlimited level of customers: editors, advertising agencies, marketing research and communication companies, graphic designers, companies that want to produce independently their own adverts for newspapers or web, companies that just simply want to create websites, business cards and greeting cards by themselves for customer use and other.

What does Cliking do? It cuts cost and time and makes work easier.
How? Giving services, in the real sense of the word. Dealing with everyday desktop publishing of adverts for the agencies that work with the most important editorial groups in Italy and abroad through the complete realisation of the products ( Supplements, Special Monographs,regular publications). The job of the editorial service includes the publishing of (business articles, report interviews) providing inserts and head-lines for newspapers, magazines, advertising companies, as well as creating editorial projects “keys in the hand” therefore doing, from graphic concept to photographic material and the publishing of announcements- our inside team does all this.
Why? The capacity to create, develop and evolve. These are the companies targets.