Cliking provides the opportunity and benefits for the reader and advertisers. An interesting feature for the readers and the possibility for the related advertisers to buy positions surrounding the feature published, highlighting the products their business offer. A wide selection of professionally written features are available every month of the year. Cliking meditates and invents to conceive editorial solutions, from desktop publishing to the creation of inserts, from creating advertisements to the complete creation of graphic and photographic inserts for print, online and mobile. Amongst Cliking’s applications you will find copyright-free editorial themes for print and online, designed to create reader interest and attract customers. In addition, there is a wide range of arguments available in the editorial theme section. The pages in Cliking’s applications are up-dated continuously to cover key topics for each month of the year such as seasonal events, anniversaries, latest fashion, health, lifestyle and all with copyright-free themes and images. Not to mention sports data, horoscope, recipes, TV schedules and material to add reader interest like, “brain teasers” like crosswords, puzzles find the word, drawings to colour for children and grown ups.

What Cliking Does
•Special Monographs
•News Reports
•Sports Data
•TV schedule
•Agenda Schedule (Theater Programs- Exhibition and Events Calender)
•Crosswords (brain Teasers)